Monday, December 3, 2007

Put on your party dress!!

                         It's time to play!!  At least that was the mood yesterday.  
These girls are just adorable. It was a privilege to hang out with them  and "play" for a little while.  I was thrilled to see Maura up and running around.  You'd never know she just spent weeks in the hospital recovering from a serious infection.
She did a great job as a big sister reining in Megan long enough for us to get some very nice pictures.  She seems to love the camera and is an excellent model.  She does like to "work it" a bit.  Here are a few...

And Megan really just wanted to play.  I was lucky to get some nice pictures of her.  This was my view half of the time.  She is quick and loved running in circles.  I could hardly blame her.
It looked like fun.

Another great pose...

Giving Mom some love...

Simply beautiful.

And with this face, we knew we were just about done.

Thanks ladies for a great time.  I think you'll love your pictures.  I do.  And a big thanks to 
Sandra for hiring me for this shoot.  You're a wonderful friend.  This was such a good idea!!
If you are checking the blog and need some Christmas pictures or know someone that does, 
send me an email or give me a call.  I have only a  little bit of time free before Christmas.


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