Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Miss Callie turns one...

So, this is Miss Callie.  She has been featured on this blog several times.  She gets cuter every day.
She has just turned one this year and had a little "coming out" party at the park for her session.  It
all started off very innocently.  We got a lot of images before Mom and Dad let her celebrate and
party like a rock star that she is.  She is all dressed up and ready to go....

Hmmm....seems simple enough.


Yep, I think I am going to like being one.

Now it's a party!


Juiced up...


Rolling now for sure.... so many awesome images it was kind of hard to choose.
These show a bit of the "flavor" of the day for sure.

Thanks guys for a really fun afternoon.
You all have such a beautiful spirit about you and it shines right through.

XO, Sissel

Monday, September 28, 2009

On turning one ~OR~ that little cupcake never stood a chance...

Sitting down to the computer after a really fun afternoon...

This post is truly a sneak preview as I am posting the last image from the day. The aftermath.
One year down and getting cuter with each minute of the day....thank you Miss Callie, you are the "sweetest" little thing. Hope you landed gently from that sugar high.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Which is the best camera?

Often asked, and the answer....
Nikon.(nope) Canon.(nope) Olympus..... no, no, no. I agree wholeheartedly with Chase on this one.
He states, "The best camera is the one you have with you." And I'll add the worst image is the one that is never taken. Today Chase Jarvis rolled out with a KILLER little iphone app called The Best Camera. Go jump into the Itunes store and get it! (I have it already) You can edit and upload all from one spot. The iphone already takes some pretty amazing images for a cell phone. Now you can make them even better. Let your creativity rock and roll....and have a fantastic day!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Permission slips...

Be yourself.  The world worships the original.

                                              ~Jean Cocteau,writer

Like I have mentioned before, I tend to think too much.  Way too much.  It's not only annoying to me,
I think I drive the man a little crazy sometimes.  Introspection-not always a good thing.  Of course, any one thing over done after a while is just, well, over done.  Photography is a process.  Life is a process.  You have no idea how much these two things intersect for me.   For me it has become a process of just giving myself permission;  permission to try, permission to fail, permission to do something that I truly love, permission to just be myself.  Hopefully, I am getting better, at photography, and at just being myself.  I purposely stopped going to other photographer's blogs because a) I don't have the time, and b) I kept comparing my work.  This turned out to be a good idea.  It has given me back hours of my days and forces me to find my own style and judge my progress according to my work against my work, not against someone who has been doing this for twenty years.  Currently, I'm reading a great book that I recommend for all you creative types out there, "The 12 secrets of highly creative women."  It's not expensive and a quick read.  And just a quick look at a favorite from yesterday, the beautiful miss Sami.  She is a stunning little sweetheart.  Looks so beautiful without even trying.  More to come....you have my permission to share your true self with the world.  It's out there waiting....

PS In case you were wondering, those eyes...didn't touch 'em. They are truly that
blue and that beautiful.

Friday, September 4, 2009

It's beginning to feel a lot like football....

There is not too much more frustrating than sitting down to post and getting blogger's block.
Great.  I've had all kinds of stuff running through my mind all week too.  I guess it ran right through  my head.   
Hmmm,  maybe it is because "Muskrat Love" is playing and it has me in a complete funk.  "Someone" better have a good explanation why that is in  the I-tunes library.  It's dragging me way down.  (pause to switch to JT for some emergency R & B)  Phew....getting better now.
Yep, mood picking up already.

OK, so I have been editing every chance I have had this week.  It's feels good to be catching up.
And I have one quick sneak preview from a session yesterday.  Sorry about just posting one.  
This is one of my favorites.  He was making a break for it.  He stopped for just a split second before moving forward.  I can only imagine what he's thinking here....

Something like, "Oh, you with the camera again, let's just keep this quiet, OK?" 

I'm also really looking forward to FOOTBALL SEASON starting!!  This picture reminds of 
football.....going to the line, staring down the opponent, waiting for the pitch, he just looks fierce.  All right, going a bit far, I know, I know, he's just over a year old.  It could be destiny.

Happy Labor Day to ya!  Have a great weekend!