Saturday, March 27, 2010

What a beautiful day for....

..just about anything you choose to do outside. Jackson (I love this name and it suits him) was out for a little pony riding. (I love ponies too!) He just made my morning. Such a cute little pony rider!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

If I can.

If I can ease some of your pain and suffering for just a while, it also makes me feel better too. I am a nurse.
If I can capture a moment that makes your heart swell each time you see it before you, then my journey has a solid path. I am a photographer.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Meet Bob...

Bob is an amazing guy. I love him. I don't think I have ever seen him not smiling. He really knows how to enjoy life. And he is a guy with a big BIG heart. Recently, Bob decided to show support and raise money for children with cancer by shaving his head. I should have a before picture, but alas (wait-maybe I do)

I found one! But you can't see his thick lustrous hair beneath the hat....oh well, you can imagine.

And this is Bob today....(now a few talking points first) I'm sorry Bob that the lighting isn't just quite what it should be. I am not a 5 minute corporate headshot gal-YET- but I'll get there. Plus, I was going on one hour of sleep. Ugh! This has never really happened to me and I still feel pretty crummy and have a BUNCH of stuff to do today with, you guessed it, NO energy to muster up at all. Those Rock Star drinks really do work. The "Recovery" one is my recent favorite. I apparently "recovered" myself all the way to the next day. (getting a bit off course)
I am also not happy about the wrinkled backdrop/reflector that I thought I could smooth out in post. Can you iron a reflector?
All that aside- you look amazing!! My camera loves you- and I do too!

And you can see here that Bob is now a FORCE to be reckoned with. He has a new persona and he wears it well- it does not wear him. YE-OWWWW!!

Here is Bob's side of it... please check out his link. I have worked with cancer patients for many years, but I know that I don't have the courage to work with kids. I would cry everyday. There is nothing more important than helping children everywhere.

"I was looking in Vegas Weekly to see what concerts were coming to Vegas
during our stay for the homicide conference. I observed an ad for an
event at the Nine Fine Irishman's Pub at New York New York Hotel which
was being put on by The event was asking people to
collect donations and have their head shaved for children's cancer
research. The head shave resembles the loss of hair that patients
suffer as a result of treatment. Since I needed a haircut anyway, it
seemed like a good idea. In less than a week, several family members
and friends donated $370.00 towards the cause.

I had never heard of this, but apparently this occurs every year and
Irish Pubs around the country. It was a really nice event with Irish
bands playing right on the strip along with cocktails and beers. I plan
to get several people together for this event next year. I figure if I
can raise $370.00 in a few days with nothing more than an email, than
how much can be raised with more time, a little competition and a
celebration involving liquor at the end.

Additionally, even those that don't want to shave their head can sign up
to be shavers instead and collect the donations that way. I do not have
any greater tie in to children's cancer than anyone else, but it seems
like a very worthy cause that effects us all."


You can help Bob raise some more for kids by clicking on his link right HERE!
and you can keep your hair....

The EVENT for all my friends at WPPI in VEGAS

Have a fabulous day....

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fifty years...

Fifty years. Fifty. Think of it. Most of us celebrate this milestone when we cross this number on our birthday. Fifty. Fifty years of love. Fifty years of laughter. Fifty years of holding your hand and feeling soooo much better when we do. After fifty years, I believe that other hand you hold must become an extension of your own. So familiar. So much love. So much life wrapped up in two lives together for fifty years. This is so uncommon in California, the land of no fault divorce and people who just don't have patience or will to stay together, for five years, no less fifty. So when I come across it, I just think, "Wow, well done." It must feel so wonderful to be married for fifty years. Norma and Rex will let you know.

But I'll tell you what. When I have been married fifty years, I am going to wear that accomplishment like a shining tiara on my head. I am going to shout it out to everyone who wants to know, or doesn't want to know. I think it's that good.

We captured some group shots of this party before anyone was able to leave. Such a fun group of people to help them celebrate. Such an awesome night to be a part of.

Thank you for the memories and this goal to strive for. Thank you for showing everybody how true love is done.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Lettuce alone.

I have been back to the gym. It feels great to be working out more regularly once again. Finally met up with Miss R today and she punished me because I talked her into 30 more minutes of cardio than she was planning. I usually would have been satisfied with my workout at that point but, oh no, we were not done yet. Weights. Weights were waiting; waiting to push little muscle fibers that haven't been pushed in a while. And I'm sure all those little muscle fibers were happy to be doing just what they are supposed to do- tomorrow is another story altogether. We'll just see if they are still singing my praises. Eventually, this will all be good again. Does anyone else ever look around the gym and spy that person with that perfect figure and think, "I am SO going to look like that in a few weeks, months, whatever. I am SO going to look like THAT!" Thank you to all those gals in the gym inspiring me into pain and sweat. I really do thank you.
And I have taken to salads again. I love salad. I hate making them. I love salad bars. But, seriously, you can make a pretty fattening salad at a salad bar. So, I made my own. Don't need the temptation of cornbread, dessert, and all the rest of the non salads at the bar. The funnest thing about making a salad is watching my dumb dog sit under my feet waiting any morsel to fall. You would lose fingers if you tried to get those morsels before he did. He is lightening fast about it.
I have never seen any dog get more excited about a piece of lettuce than my dog. Even I don't want to eat lettuce without any dressing on it. My dog- my dog runs off with an entire piece of romaine lettuce as if you just handed him the juiciest bone in the world. And then eats it as fast as he can, for fear someone may want it back. Trust me Kona, that is all yours now. I need dressing. I just don't like my lettuce alone.

And an even more common view in my house, paper. Paper destroyed. Thoroughly. In seconds. Oh well. I can recycle it.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

still thankful...

So I realized that I haven't been posting my "thankful" thoughts recently. I still do it, still think about at least five things I am thankful for every day, just haven't been putting it up here.
This morning I am thankful I woke up before my alarm. Everyday I wake up to "The Girl from Ipanema". It makes me smile (don't ask me why- I don't know) , but it can really stick with you.
I am thankful to be in workout mode- even though I am typing this while I should be "working out". Hmmmm.
I am thankful that I didn't throw up after a sucked some kind of long legged skinny bug straight down my throat while I was running the other day. It didn't stand a chance. I guess they call it sucking wind for a reason. Although, I was sucking bugs.
I am thankful to have found love- the big "please come home soon-I really am not the same when you aren't here-I miss you deeply- kind of love, TWICE. Same guy, but found it twice. please come home soon- I am not the same when you aren't here.

Happy Tuesday!

(what-no picture-rip off)