Tuesday, March 2, 2010

still thankful...

So I realized that I haven't been posting my "thankful" thoughts recently. I still do it, still think about at least five things I am thankful for every day, just haven't been putting it up here.
This morning I am thankful I woke up before my alarm. Everyday I wake up to "The Girl from Ipanema". It makes me smile (don't ask me why- I don't know) , but it can really stick with you.
I am thankful to be in workout mode- even though I am typing this while I should be "working out". Hmmmm.
I am thankful that I didn't throw up after a sucked some kind of long legged skinny bug straight down my throat while I was running the other day. It didn't stand a chance. I guess they call it sucking wind for a reason. Although, I was sucking bugs.
I am thankful to have found love- the big "please come home soon-I really am not the same when you aren't here-I miss you deeply- kind of love, TWICE. Same guy, but found it twice.

Ok....so please come home soon- I am not the same when you aren't here.

Happy Tuesday!

(what-no picture-rip off)

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