Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fifty years...

Fifty years. Fifty. Think of it. Most of us celebrate this milestone when we cross this number on our birthday. Fifty. Fifty years of love. Fifty years of laughter. Fifty years of holding your hand and feeling soooo much better when we do. After fifty years, I believe that other hand you hold must become an extension of your own. So familiar. So much love. So much life wrapped up in two lives together for fifty years. This is so uncommon in California, the land of no fault divorce and people who just don't have patience or will to stay together, for five years, no less fifty. So when I come across it, I just think, "Wow, well done." It must feel so wonderful to be married for fifty years. Norma and Rex will let you know.

But I'll tell you what. When I have been married fifty years, I am going to wear that accomplishment like a shining tiara on my head. I am going to shout it out to everyone who wants to know, or doesn't want to know. I think it's that good.

We captured some group shots of this party before anyone was able to leave. Such a fun group of people to help them celebrate. Such an awesome night to be a part of.

Thank you for the memories and this goal to strive for. Thank you for showing everybody how true love is done.