Monday, September 29, 2008

The Hard Way

Sometimes you have to go about it the hard way.
Thankfully, the Steelers still won. Not an easy win by any means, but a very good game. Phew.
As promised, the little Steeler gnome will be posted in some fashion after every win. This could get tricky.
I hope it does.

Thunder and Lightning

So...working three days in a row, working three long 12 to 14 hour days in a row, leaves little time for catching the news or anything else. I was saddened to learn Paul Newman passed away, on Sunday. I guess the news came out Friday. I am 48 hours behind. And now I'm sitting in front of my computer, feeling perplexed. It's raining? Really? The forecast is for rain today? Not only that, but thunder and lightning just now. I have to catch up.

Friday, September 26, 2008

My best critic

So, I was in a "beachy" mood last weekend and changed things up a bit. But, although I really liked the picture in the header, I wasn't sure that it conveyed what I REALLY LOVE to shoot....people. And my better half gently persuaded me in the right direction; these are graceful moves that are tenderly executed with years of experience. (couples take note of this) I am grateful he did. I was breezing through an edit and came across what will probably be one of my favorite pictures for years to new header above....thank you Nicole and sisters of this fine young man!! You most definitely have a winner here IN your hands.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just a random thought...

So, last night I was watching "The Biggest Loser". ( I love to cheer them on, and I find it so inspiring, cause we are all just a few bites away really, huh?) But I suddenly realized that I was watching "The Biggest Loser" while eating a pint of Haagen Dazs. Um.
Wrong. I think that is wrong. This act shows no respect for how hard these people are working and no insight in to what put them there in the first place; exercise abandoned and calories gone wild. And I think I just may have been a wee bit lighter last year. Still, I ate it, cause tomorrow is another day.

Be very good to yourself today. Have a bite of ice cream on me!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Today's agenda

A lot of work and a little play.....balance, it's all about balance. Oh...and a little bit of far, there are just a FEW upsets. Miami decided to show up and that might just hurt me. Darn it!!!

Have a beautiful Sunday!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Today is a good day to...

Volunteer.  This morning I drove down to Newport Beach to take pictures for a really cool organization Wheels 2 Water.  They are a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals with spinal cord injuries share the ocean experience.   I just love when people dedicate their time and energy to help others in this way. It was an absolutely beautiful morning.  I was happy to be out shooting and met some really great people.  Thanks for inviting me Travis.  I will look forward to more events.  Check out their web page by clicking on the link and pass it along to all your is just by the grace of God that we are able to do the things we can. 
And I also was signed up (thanks Debbie) to work the first aid booth at the Taste of Newport tonight.  So stop by and say "hi" if you are brave enough to go.  I hear it can get kind of crazy but I am hoping for some good food and an uneventful night.  

I know this is kind of "out there", but sometimes that's fun. So I'll call this one "it's my blog and I'll play if I want to" :)

Starting to suit up...

Great day for a ride...

That's all I have time for today...have a wonderful weekend all!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

On any Sunday...

Well, that isn't exactly true, just Sundays that I am not working or shooting (notice I think those are two separate things) you can find me watching football.  Hey guys, want to get your wife interested in football so you don't get nagged during the game, or worse yet, during the last two minutes?   Enroll her in your football pool.  My husband did this and I have learned a little more about football every year.  I love it.  And there are smiling faces for one week in this home because the Steelers won.  Phew. I mean...I knew they would win.   Seven more days to go....
In honor of the win, I am posting this lucky gnome. He is displayed proudly on his own four foot stand next to the TV (during football season)  He needs a name.  Got any suggestions?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thank you Thank you

Checking in to send out a "thank you" to all who called and wrote me notes awesome to receive so many "happy birthdays". I had a great day at the Pictage Partner Conference. I was able to attend lectures by Dane Sanders and Mike Colon who I have admired for quite some time and still do. Congratulations Dane!! You were the first one in two days to make me cry and wear my mascara on my face. Your short video pushed me right over the edge. I completely admire Mike for giving it up to God without any hesitation and reminding us all to pray. Amen!! I sat in the front row and was flanked by two slightly overweight gents who squirmed and checked their throats as Mike reminded us to make sure we always put God first. They seemed so suddenly uncomfortable and I wanted to jump to my feet and applaud. ( I somehow managed to contain my enthusiasm ) And I won a give away...finally...seriously, every single person was winning all around me. I would have loved a DVD, but happy to get anything. I know that free music from Triple Scoop is going to be just what I need one day. I think.

As with any day filled with inspiring speakers, I am anxious to get shooting again and trying out new stuff. So, Kona and I hit the floor and worked on some new poses. He is the KING of the "eyebrow lift- I'm thoroughly bored with you" look. He has got it perfected. And tonight we discovered one more.

The "look left" pose

The "look right" pose, look thoroughly bored like you are falling asleep...

And the newest....I'll call this his "Scarlett O'Hara".  "I just can't think about that today."
Thanks to you all....felt really loved today and am humbled by are just the best!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

back to school and down to the beach

I had a quick little adventure down to Laguna tonight. I'm happy to report that everyone in this group has survived the first week of being back in school. (parents included) I am heading off to bed. I have an abrupt rise at the ungodly hour of five AM. Yikes.
But I just wanted to post a quick picture from the shoot. Seriously, I don't think these two could ever take a photo that I wouldn't want to make a mural of. Beautiful.

Have an absolutely stellar weekend!!