Sunday, September 14, 2008

On any Sunday...

Well, that isn't exactly true, just Sundays that I am not working or shooting (notice I think those are two separate things) you can find me watching football.  Hey guys, want to get your wife interested in football so you don't get nagged during the game, or worse yet, during the last two minutes?   Enroll her in your football pool.  My husband did this and I have learned a little more about football every year.  I love it.  And there are smiling faces for one week in this home because the Steelers won.  Phew. I mean...I knew they would win.   Seven more days to go....
In honor of the win, I am posting this lucky gnome. He is displayed proudly on his own four foot stand next to the TV (during football season)  He needs a name.  Got any suggestions?


  1. knomes are fun.
    knome steeler....

    love you fish!

  2. kneeler is good...I think I like it. It sounds kind of Scandanavian too.

  3. we could always go the
    keeping with the steeler/knome theme...

  4. By the way...
    Chargers got ROBBED!