Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thank you Thank you

Checking in to send out a "thank you" to all who called and wrote me notes awesome to receive so many "happy birthdays". I had a great day at the Pictage Partner Conference. I was able to attend lectures by Dane Sanders and Mike Colon who I have admired for quite some time and still do. Congratulations Dane!! You were the first one in two days to make me cry and wear my mascara on my face. Your short video pushed me right over the edge. I completely admire Mike for giving it up to God without any hesitation and reminding us all to pray. Amen!! I sat in the front row and was flanked by two slightly overweight gents who squirmed and checked their throats as Mike reminded us to make sure we always put God first. They seemed so suddenly uncomfortable and I wanted to jump to my feet and applaud. ( I somehow managed to contain my enthusiasm ) And I won a give away...finally...seriously, every single person was winning all around me. I would have loved a DVD, but happy to get anything. I know that free music from Triple Scoop is going to be just what I need one day. I think.

As with any day filled with inspiring speakers, I am anxious to get shooting again and trying out new stuff. So, Kona and I hit the floor and worked on some new poses. He is the KING of the "eyebrow lift- I'm thoroughly bored with you" look. He has got it perfected. And tonight we discovered one more.

The "look left" pose

The "look right" pose, look thoroughly bored like you are falling asleep...

And the newest....I'll call this his "Scarlett O'Hara".  "I just can't think about that today."
Thanks to you all....felt really loved today and am humbled by are just the best!!


  1. Happy Birthday Ms. Sissel. Hope your day was perfect!

  2. Happy birthday.I went to mikes 4 day intensive traing class ... Awesome!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FISH! You are so loved by so many!
    jay, danielle, kendall, taylor and hurley

  4. Happy Birthday! I'm glad you one the give-away! Thanks for the kind words :) I'm glad I made those guys squirm ;)

  5. Wow!
    I have no idea how you found my site, but it is unbelievably cool that you did. You must also have internet ninja skills. I was glad you made
    those guys squirm too. They were squirming and I could feel myself sit taller!! Thanks for leaving a message. You made my night!

  6. i like the looking left...can i have a copy?

  7. Hurley!!
    You type!? You can have anything you want my furry friend!!