Friday, March 5, 2010

Lettuce alone.

I have been back to the gym. It feels great to be working out more regularly once again. Finally met up with Miss R today and she punished me because I talked her into 30 more minutes of cardio than she was planning. I usually would have been satisfied with my workout at that point but, oh no, we were not done yet. Weights. Weights were waiting; waiting to push little muscle fibers that haven't been pushed in a while. And I'm sure all those little muscle fibers were happy to be doing just what they are supposed to do- tomorrow is another story altogether. We'll just see if they are still singing my praises. Eventually, this will all be good again. Does anyone else ever look around the gym and spy that person with that perfect figure and think, "I am SO going to look like that in a few weeks, months, whatever. I am SO going to look like THAT!" Thank you to all those gals in the gym inspiring me into pain and sweat. I really do thank you.
And I have taken to salads again. I love salad. I hate making them. I love salad bars. But, seriously, you can make a pretty fattening salad at a salad bar. So, I made my own. Don't need the temptation of cornbread, dessert, and all the rest of the non salads at the bar. The funnest thing about making a salad is watching my dumb dog sit under my feet waiting any morsel to fall. You would lose fingers if you tried to get those morsels before he did. He is lightening fast about it.
I have never seen any dog get more excited about a piece of lettuce than my dog. Even I don't want to eat lettuce without any dressing on it. My dog- my dog runs off with an entire piece of romaine lettuce as if you just handed him the juiciest bone in the world. And then eats it as fast as he can, for fear someone may want it back. Trust me Kona, that is all yours now. I need dressing. I just don't like my lettuce alone.

And an even more common view in my house, paper. Paper destroyed. Thoroughly. In seconds. Oh well. I can recycle it.


  1. How are those muscles today? Robin

  2. hee hee....i can happily report i am still able to walk today. guess we can hit it harder next time.