Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Miss Callie turns one...

So, this is Miss Callie.  She has been featured on this blog several times.  She gets cuter every day.
She has just turned one this year and had a little "coming out" party at the park for her session.  It
all started off very innocently.  We got a lot of images before Mom and Dad let her celebrate and
party like a rock star that she is.  She is all dressed up and ready to go....

Hmmm....seems simple enough.


Yep, I think I am going to like being one.

Now it's a party!


Juiced up...


Rolling now for sure.... so many awesome images it was kind of hard to choose.
These show a bit of the "flavor" of the day for sure.

Thanks guys for a really fun afternoon.
You all have such a beautiful spirit about you and it shines right through.

XO, Sissel


  1. What a cutie.....
    What a photographer.......

  2. Hey! Thanks Vicky. Nice to see you here.

  3. Oh Sissel, these are just perfect!!!
    We love you lots-
    L, C & C

  4. These are beautiful! Great job.
    Callie's Nana