Monday, February 11, 2008

I really have nothing fabulous to say today. Not that I ever have anything particularly fabulous to say any day, but really, it is just not coming to me right now. There are times when I start typing and the words just flow. There are other times when I sit down and start writing, then delete, try to rewrite and end up deleting again. And again. When I feel passionate about a topic, the words are there. When I have to search for something to say...well, you get the "picture".
Been listening to my new Ipod today. Nice little V-day gift from the man! A (red) one as well. Got to love that!
So random words and beach style pics are on the blog today. Hope you all enjoy a crazy little Valentine's day.
And if you don't have a Valentine right now, don't sweat it. Be your own wonderful Valentine and give yourself a treat. You deserve it.

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  1. Happy V-day Missy. Here's to a great stockholders meeting with the Slaughters. Keep Austin weird.