Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Playing in the rain...

I am not sure how I got so behind. It happens. I am catching up though. I'll be playing catch up for the next couple of weeks. If only they didn't expect me to show up at the hospital. I would be golden. I am posting a few pictures of an edit I just finished today; my good friend and faithful blog reader Miss Kendyl, or Mrs Kendyl, I should say. I have known her since she was a little one, and now she has adorable little ones of her own.
As I am typing this, I am listening to the sound of the rain moving in. Faintly at first, but now its pouring. It's fitting that I am posting these pictures now because it also rained us out on this same morning. In fact, I think it was the last time it rained in southern California when we took these just about a month ago. I really hope we get just a little more rain to atleast keep the brush damp for awhile, but certainly not enough to cause mudslides and havoc for those who just lost their homes and neighborhoods. This rainfall is about a week overdue. I would have loved to have seen it rain ten days ago.

It was really unfortunate that we were rained on...Katelyn and Justin took it in stride. We stayed dry just long enough for a pretty quick shoot. Hopefully, we'll get together again in the near future and shoot in some drier conditions.

There was a swell moving in this day as well. This picture was taken just before a wave engulfed my camera bag (note to self: put it up on the rocks) and covered my shoes up to my ankles. Unbelieveably, everything inside my backpack was dry. Thank you Canon.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. These are great shots. you should shoot in the rain more often... xoxoxoxo

  2. LOVE them! My favorite are the ones of the kids and the last picture of the family. Glad they turned out despite the rain! Thanks for your GREAT work!

  3. It was great spending some time with all of you. Thanks again!