Thursday, April 30, 2009

Adrienne and Eric are....

two of the coolest expecting parents on the planet. ( and don't think I am exaggerating 'cause I'm not)

I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to meet up with Adrienne and Eric to document this very important moment in their lives together. This job is really a privilege more than anything else. They are just the nicest couple of people ever and I wish them the VERY best. I know they will be the greatest parents as they greet their first newborn.

Here is one of my very favorites from their shoot. More to follow....


  1. I agree! "Two of the coolest expecting parents on the planet." That is one lucky baby. Adrienne and Eric, you are beautiful. What a great photo. - Mel

  2. Great friends I know will be great parents! Thanks for taking such great shots Sissel. They look like an ad! Katie

  3. Thank you Katie. I had a great time.
    Except when I lost my keys. That part was pretty embarrassing. A and E can start their modeling careers if they get tired of saving people. ;)
    PS thank you nice guy who found my keys
    and didn't steal my car. I'm so grateful.