Sunday, August 2, 2009

My fridge...

The face of my fridge is the face of my life. It's full of reminders; "yet to do's" and wallet size photos of babies and family sent to us by loved ones. I vowed to keep it clean and clear of clutter. (just like the rest of my life) I promised myself I would have a blank clean fridge face. I am not sure what happened. I don't have a blank clean fridge face right now. And I kind of like it.
It's full of witty fridge magnets. The best fridge magnets were found in Austin Texas at Monkey See, Monkey Do, my all time favorite store in SoCo Austin, also known as South Congress, or the "southside". We visit there each time we go to add to the collection. Other magnets have lovely sayings and remind me to stay grounded and what is most important in life. I have a broken pacemaker magnet which is superman powerful and could hold a phonebook to the side. All in all, it's cluttered. I found myself staring at it this morning wondering what the heck happened. I took one thing off. (a step) But, after thinking about it, I'm not ashamed at this cluttered face of my fridge. It's a reminder to laugh and keep things in perspective. It's a reminder of great parties and dates to come, and some weddings to remember. (brenda, your "save the date" magnet is still there) There are a few bright shiny beautiful faces of newly born children. How could you take those off? I have colored paper gifts from the short friends on my street. And there is one reminder on my fridge that is the absolute best. I found it in the crack of my door one day when I returned home from work. Apparently, my husband was issued a ticket from two young boys on our block. When he refused to pay the speeding ticket they gave him (he never speeds), they promptly left him another ticket to pay for and stuck it in our door. I saved it. It makes me smile every day. And I pull it off and reissue it when needed.

Have a lovely, lovely day!

PS Please pray for David his story here


  1. I refused to pay based on the fact that I successfully attended traffic court.

  2. Ah ha! But how do you get out of this ticket? What school do you attend?

  3. Well that settles it, you can never have a stainless steel fridge.


  4. I want an update.... Use that new computer..