Wednesday, October 21, 2009

true love in thirty days or less...

As we sat in the quiet restaurant, all you could hear was the sound of Jamie's laughter. She beamed at Donovan as he explained how they had met.  She was quick to interrupt his tale to add that he took thirty days to call her after their first date.  He smiled at her, knowing he had definitely made the right choice to finally call.  (guys have a hard time explaining why they wait so long to call-I'm not sure he ever elaborated on that)  It doesn't really matter anymore.  It is true love now, and they are engaged to be together for better, worse, sickness, health, and so the story goes.  We spent the day walking along the streets of Balboa Island where their memories of how they first fell in love came back to life.  They have moved their story to Washington and have an incredible life waiting for them there.
My heart leapt right out of my chest weeks ago when Jamie asked me to be their photographer.  I am honored and can't wait to tell their story in April next year.  It was so fun spending the day with both of you and an honor to create some new memories for you.  I can tell that your love is one that will last a lifetime.

...just a few of my favorites from the day

Thanks for a fabulous was so great catching up.
I am so looking forward to your beautiful wedding...
you both are awesome!


  1. sissel, you are amazing! thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon. i'm so happy you will be there to share in our joy.
    love, jamie

  2. Beautiful Pictures Sissel. don't they make a happy couple.

    Father of the Bride

  3. i even made christian look at the pics! good job ms s. yet again

  4. Those are awesome! What a great job. Your wedding pics are going to be amazing Jamie! I kept trying to pic a fave but I couldn't. I really like the one with the stroller in the background (Mady needs a cousin).

  5. Osten told me he really liked theses pics. oxoxoxooxox