Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Women for Women International

(photo provided by Women for Women International)

This is Marie Louise Mukangarambe. She lives in Rwanda. And I am her sponsor. I received her picture and application form yesterday. Every year, through Women For Women International, I sponsor one woman for one year through their program. They provide educational assistance, vocational training, education regarding civil rights, etc. It is a fabulous program and they concentrate their efforts in war torn countries, such as Rwanda and Iraq ( sadly, there is a long list of countries.) You can choose the country you want to participate in. I chose Africa because they have been so tortured and in desperate need of help for so long. Plus Jessica is there, so it has become nearer to my heart. The program does not cost very much and is easy to join. Also tax deductable-win win! I hope to be able to sponsor more women, but until then I'll help get the word out and maybe you'll join in. It's rewarding to know that I am helping to make a positive change in someone's life.
Because it's all about giving back-right?

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