Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back it up, Jack.

A small tremble. A shudder of fear. Turn ON. (please) Turn on.

I sat in front of my computer this morning. Waiting. Staring at a blue screen instead of the Kona wallpaper that is usually there
with folders lining his blank stare through the desktop. Try it once more, I thought. Turn it off and on again. Then, a flood of lists ran through my mind. Did I back that up? Did I pay that bill? Did I reply to that mail yet? Like many of you, I was living my life just fine without a computer years ago. Now, I panic if I don't have access. After the fourth try, and a lot of "I promise to" to you know who, success. My dog appeared. The folders that remind me of how busy I have been-there. Phew. NOW- back those up right NOW. I did. So, as a preventative measure to all of you out there who might not have backed up your "stuff"- back it up, Jack. (all my "stuff" is now safely stored) Save yourself a few skipped beats early in the morning. And have a very pleasant worry free day.

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