Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sneak peek

A quick belly preview from an adorable expecting couple, Lizz and Chris.

I had so much fun yesterday and they have so many great shots, it really is hard to pick a favorite. I have a few.

Thanks for a great afternoon. I'll be editing more later today. I can't wait to meet the "little Miss" on the way.
She's got awesome parents!

edited to add a few more...

Little one making her presence known...

this might just be my favorite of the whole day...


  1. Sissel, you are so talented, these turned out awesome-Thank you!!!

  2. That last picture with the rays of sun shining perfectly through is awesome! Good work!

  3. Hi Sissel! I don't know if you remember me...I met you at WPPI Business Institute. I thought I'd check out your blog again. I love this series of photographs...especially the silhouette. It is beautiful and so touching!

    Danielle Mooneyham

  4. Of course I remember you....How are you? I am going to shoot you an email. Thanks for leaving the comment to let me know you were here. I actually pulled out your card today...weird huh? I hope all is well.