Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hello Blog...it's been awhile.

And exhale.  
I just finished up on a project, none of which I can post up for fear that hospital administrators may be after me.  (long story that I can never tell, but it did have a happy ending, phew)
Happily, it is back to the business of Christmas and preparing for an upcoming wedding and a couple more shoots in the interim.  It's good to be busy.  I have been neglecting my husband and my dog, and Kona made me undeniably aware this morning.  He can always get my attention by grabbing something he isn't supposed to have and making loud crunching noises with it.  
"Uh oh, what do you have?", I say under my breath.
"Nothing." He innocently replies. (okay, I stretched here. Dogs don't really speak. Not mine anyway)
I glanced over the stairwell to find otherwise.

"This....this Santa.  I don't know how this got here."

"Really, it's just been laying here the whole time.  I thought you wanted me to have it."

"And this little white ball on the top of his hat looks ridiculous.  It must come off.
Let me help."

Almost there...

"I prefer Santa with no hat....now lets start working on that hairdo..."

Don't let the Christmas rush get to ya....don't get to the point where you want to gnaw on 
Santa's head.  But if you do, come on over to my house.  Kona got it started for ya.
Don't forget to breathe and sing your favorite Christmas carol at the top of your lungs...
Mine is "Oh Holy Night", so if you are out shopping and you hear somebody singing that 
a little off key and really loud, it could be me.

Happy Holidays!!  and have a fabulous Tuesday!


  1. Hilarious! You can tell Kona's personality in those pictures!

    BTW- My favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night too! Love it...

  2. Hey Sissel,
    I just dropped by your blog site to see what you've been shooting. For what it's worth, I really like that you keep at it. In spite of the tugs from work and other of the demands of life, you get out there and shoot.

    Keep it up Kiddo... It causes me to go out and do the same!