Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's Christmas in the 'hood

Not even twenty four hours after Thanksgiving and this block gets geared up for Christmas.  It's hard keeping up.  The turkey coma has just barely worn off and we are out putting up lights.
Well, not me, I had to work, but the man and the rest of the neighborhood were getting the 
party started.  Woohoo!!  It's so fun to drive home and find Christmas fantasy street.  I loved it.
There are a ton of great kids on our street, so it has to be really fun for them too.  

So, we can start dreaming about Christmas early...and plan parties, and drink nog cause on this street, Christmas is here.

Yep, we are feeling pretty good on this street...

Happy Wednesday!!

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  1. I love this street also. Oh yeah and the blogger too. Xoxo