Friday, January 9, 2009

Kendall and Brandon

It's been one week since Kendall and Brandon were married.  My schedule has been relentless.  Seriously, non-stop.  I have one day off today, and I'm off for another shoot.  Sorry for making you wait.  

This wedding was like no other I have attended before.  Intimate and inviting, warm and personal, no details left unchecked, exactly the way they had dreamed of and prayed for.  The day unfolded easily with the girls getting ready in the bridal cottage.  The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe is a beautiful venue for a ceremony, and Kendall and Brandon's day was no exception.  Eric was shooting the guys and I concentrated on the gals.   Today, I'll just be focusing on the bride and groom and try to give you some highlights of the day.

Kendall's stunning wedding gown.  On the back of her gown there are three small details you wouldn't know about.  She has a piece of lace from her mother's dress, her mother in law's dress, and her grandmother's dress sewn in.  Three strong marriages to blend with hers.....I just loved this idea.

Kendall's super fun Betsey Johnson kicks...

Before the primping begins...

Getting tied in...


Brandon sent over a gift for Kendall that just about had us all in tears.  Over the course of their dating and engagement, he has written her tons of letters.  She has saved them all.  This day, their first day, he sent one more, in a beautiful lined antique box, so she could start saving them from the first day they were married.  

The girls looking beautiful and ready to go...

The bride and her beautiful mom, Danielle.

We had a little bit of an issue getting portraits done.  I forgot what "rock stars" the bride and groom become and the paparazzi guests were stalking us down...  
We had to move behind the cottage to get out of sight.

Father and daughter....onto a new life.

This is what love looks like from the other side...


A simply stunning couple....

And onto a big celebration....

This is really all I have time for today and the next week or so.....

Have a wonderful Sunday...and week.  
(go steelers)


  1. thank you sissel - these are awesome. You are a true pro at capturing "the moment"...and there were a lot of them. go chargers

  2. I see no other choice.. I think the photography career wins hands down. We can do this........
    Truly amazing shots of a truly amazing couple.
    Oh yeah...... GO STEELERS !!!!!

  3. So lucky to have you in my corner.

  4. Oh wow! Oh yea, you totally captured the feelings. I might have to tear up again ;-) - Kim

  5. fish,
    you have so many layers of gifts, but, your photography is one of the top ones. your pictures tell a story that everyone wants to read.
    thank you, and we are so jazzed for the full book...thanks for being there just at the right moment.

  6. these pictures are just stunning. The ones of her reading the letter gave me chills, what a beautiful day.

    Jen Coyle (Patrick's girlfriend)

  7. Thanks for lending us patrick for the day. ;)

  8. did such a fantastic job and captured all the precious moments that we weren't all able to see. Love all you comments and love looking at your sight to see what's going on. Grandma Pat Leo

  9. WOW...amazing...I want to reinact my wedding just for some beautiful pics like these. M. Kyle