Monday, January 5, 2009

Sneak preview

After spending a busy productive afternoon cleaning my house, returning equipment, and loading down and backing up, all I have time left for is one quick preview. Plus my computer is starting to give up on me, and I think it is time to take it in. { Ugh! This is a setback I don't need right now. } Anyway, like the lead in to an awesome tale, I like to leave a good hook with my favorite shot from any wedding; the moment he sees her. Kendall and Brandon's life together as husband and wife began on January 3rd. It was an amazing day, well, weekend. Pray for my computer so I can post more tomorrow....

Have a great night.


  1. thats what love looks like. great pic xoxoxoe

  2. Hey Sis,

    As a big sister I couldn't be more proud of you...not only do you give of yourself everyday to people in need capture the heart of everyone in such a beautiful way. They say the human heart feels things the eyes cannot see....surely not the case here ...I am so impressed. Your sis Heidi

  3. Holy Cow!

    That is the nicest compliment EVER!!
    Thank you.

    PS How are your shiny nails?
    XO Sissel

  4. ahhh! we want to see more!

  5. we're waiting...are you just teasing us? I'll buy you a new computer if that thing's still not working :-) we want more!

  6. No...No....Seriously bogged down with 14-15 hour days. I know that is no excuse..but seriously, a girl has got to sleep. It will be up. I promise.

    (it does seem like a mean tease though...sorry)

  7. PS I know you keep coming back just to look at Brandon anyway....isn't he handsome?