Thursday, February 19, 2009

Breathe again.

Phew. Back in California, where the air is clean and the oxygen is free. I spent a week in Vegas. Yep. Never say never folks.
I spent a week in Las Vegas. And much to my surprise, it was pretty fun. It was not the blood sucking craziness I have experienced in the past, and happy to report, no migraines. Of course, everything I brought with me has the scent of stale cigarette smoke and I probably should rush to the hospital and get a chest x-ray to make sure I haven't developed lung cancer from inhaling all the second hand smoke. Come to think of it, that is what probably kept me going most of the time; a second hand nicotine high.
With that said, I had a great time this year at WPPI. I took some fabulous classes and was able to study with the famed and talented Bambi Cantrell. I took her master class and was not disappointed.
Made lots of new friends along the way, from Canada to Australia and in between. Also got to watch Joe McNally in action. The guy is brilliant. And funny.

I have only taken one workshop to date outside of WPPI, and I have another one coming up this year. I am very, very picky about the workshops I choose. Most of the time, these workshops are not cheap. It can be a wonderful learning experience, or after speaking to many photographers at WPPI; a sorry waste of money. The trouble is you don't know until the workshop is finished what you will get. My first workshop was with Zack Arias. Worth every cent. Not only was the class technically informative, but hit me on another level as well. Zack is just an all around good guy. He shared his heart and his life experiences, for me it took the class to another level. Another photographer I follow, David Jackson, posted a link to a blog entry from Zack for Scott Kelby's blog. I watched it. I am compelled to link it as well. Check it out.
I can guarantee, just like me, you will not be disappointed. (just click on this link right HERE)

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