Sunday, March 1, 2009

Model call

Hello there internet world!

I am sending out a little note to you. I am working on a small personal project and also working to build on my portfolio.
How can you get involved? I was hoping you would ask. I need young kids ages between 2-6 years old who happen to have a four legged friend that they get along with very, very well. I will be doing these sessions for free and will provide two of your favorite images from the session for free as 8 X10 or smaller. I will post the images on a site for you if you would like to share them with your friends and family, or order any extra prints, etc. I will only be able to accept a few sessions. If you are interested or know someone with young two legged and four legged kids, let them know. Send me an email with your information about your little cuties at with "Model Call" in the subject line Lets get some great shots together!!

Hope your enjoying this beautiful sunny day!


  1. If we had a 4 legged friend, I'd be all over it. Good luck!

  2. ask melissa kyle. her little daughter and even son would be so cute and they have a dog


  3. That is a great idea! Thanks Miss Veronica!