Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Meet Jax...

This morning I had the utmost pleasure of meeting the soon-to-be big brother, Jax. His mother Melissa and I have been planning, missing, planning, and more missing dates for what feels like weeks now. But I always know that God has his timing
no matter what mine is, and as it turns out, his is ALWAYS perfect. Go figure. Today probably felt like just about any other day to Jax. I'm not sure how often he goes to the beach in the morning but he seemed to take it right in stride. First off, check out everything, find some awesome driftwood and make it a sword, eat some sand, throw some sand, then carry two fists full of sand as if it were treasure. Rinse, repeat as necessary. His mom told me what an easy going little guy he was, and he proved it twice over.
Jax is just all boy. Happy, inquisitive, all american, all boy. And today may be his last day of being the only little guy around the house. Today, all eyes are on Jax. Tomorrow, he shares everything. I hope you had a great day Jax. Tomorrow, you get to meet your new brother Gage, and you get to be the star in one more person's eyes, your little brother.

And finally a face to go along with all these words. ( I've been a bad photo blogger with so many words and no pictures)

I have to sleep right away....

Have a wonderful Thursday and congratulations to Rob and Melissa!!


  1. Great Blog and even better pic's.....

  2. Sissel, these are beautiful pic's!You've done it again-
    You are so good at capturing the perfect moments. With you photographing there seem to be many "perfect moments" :)
    We love you,
    The Swansons

  3. Thank you! I've been blessed with such wonderful
    familys to work with, including yours.