Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Courage, faith, and bravery.

This day, I feel compelled to forward a link to all who read this blog. It is a link to another's blog and his journey with his diagnosis of brain cancer. I will also ask that you join all the others, including myself, who are praying for him. I have never
met him. That doesn't really matter. He has asked for prayer, so I will. His blog is beyond inspiring. Please take the time to read it and give some thought to his post. David is facing his "journey" with courage, faith, and bravery. If I am ever confronted with a similar situation, I pray I would have at least half of the faith he has. Read about David Wenzel.

Also, a quick picture from a recent session. Mr. Happy Baby, Luke. He was absolutely great throughout the entire session.

Thanks for checking in..... now go have a great day.

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