Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Today has just been filled with "oops!" (i really said something else but since sometimes i have kids of reading age checking their shining faces here, we'll just go with oops!)

I have been having conversations of "you are only human" and "come on girl, give yourself a break" all day. I completely spaced out this morning and shut off my alarm... I thought to myself as I shut it off that I had just, for no good reason, robbed myself of precious minutes of rest.
Ugh! However, there was a reason for the alarm that I completely forgot about. I completely forgot a meeting this morning.

Then, while I begged forgiveness and felt like a dope, I thought I would just confess the rest of my transgressions and get it all off my chest.
"Hi honey. How is your day? "

"By the way, the other day, I may have got one of those "gotcha on camera" ticket thingys."

"Where? In San Juan Capistrano." (beware-it's a really short yellow light)

"No, I am sure I was already in the middle."

"I know, I hope I was smiling too."

I wouldn't mind a break on this. I absolutely hate traffic school with a passion unmatched by anyone.
I am over torturing myself with guilt and finally just was able to let it go....tomorrow is another day.

I have decided I'm going with the "I'm only human" excuse today.

G' night!!

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