Friday, January 25, 2008

One Two Five

Happy Anniversary

Where should I begin?  The whole blogging thing is still kinda new to me, but it's getting easier.
And this will be one big huge public display of affection. This blog's for you. And about you.  And me.  And where we have been and where we are going.  I am so thankful for you.  I am really proud of who you are.  I am so grateful that you are my best friend ever.  I remember being shocked when the judge said "I pronounce you best friends for life", or something just like that.  I remember thinking, "Wait, I have friends, I need a husband. You need to pronounce us more than that."
But she was right.  And this has been more than right.  And getting better each year.  Really.
Better each year.  I love everything about you and all the things you are and do for me.  I notice all of the little things, too. Each time you open a door for me, turn on the my seat heater in the car before I get in, iron my clothes for work, buy me camera stuff, etc. etc. etc.  I notice. There is more, but it's too numerous to list here.  I notice and appreciate all of you.  
I've got one of the good ones and I'm a lucky girl.  
I love you.
Please be safe and watch out for the trees.  

PS  When you get do owe "us" one big romantic dinner.  And tell your roommate to get some earplugs since his hearing is just fine.


  1. Happy Anniversary
    Davey & Fish!
    We love you and are so blessed to call you family!
    Jay, Dani, Kendall and Tay

  2. To my Sweet Blogger,

    No way to top this public love note. BUT, I do believe that you have it wrong because I am the lucky one here. I know that it was no bargain for you to take me back and I thank god every day that you saw it in your heart to do so. I do agree that we are finally working out the kinks and that our life is GREAT and gets better daily. I love you for being a wonderful and caring wife, an amazing mother to the girls, a godsend to your patients, and mommy to our Kona.

    Thanks again for sending me (making me go) the most amazing adventure of my half century of life. I am so looking forward to the next half century with you and cannot wait to see what it holds for US.


  3. Wow! See how lucky I am.