Thursday, January 3, 2008

We begin again...

Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.
-Edgar Allan Poe
I usually try to select a resolution for the year.  Last year's resolution was to let go of fear that was keeping me from doing things I really wanted to do.  I'll begin this year building on that.
I will also do a better job of keeping a photographic journal of our life.   A few months are missing from last year when our first Mac crashed and  had to be sent back for a replacement.  If anyone from Apple is reading....can you send me that disc, please?  So,....what are the 2008 resolutions?  As always, I have several.
And, as I have read in many other blogs, there seems to be no better way to be held to your resolutions than making them public. 
So...they are, and not in any certain order of priority...
Relationships...spend time nurturing, building, and creating and old.
Seems a bit broad, but this can be done everyday.  Also, renew my relationship with Christ.
I have put this on the back burner.  Not good.  I look forward to making this a priority.
I have slipped a bit in this arena.  Get back on track and get the "six pack" back on the belly and not in the belly.  I used to be able to see my muscles on my abdomen...I know they are still there...somewhere.
My spare room is going to be just that.  Not just storage anymore.  This is actually a priority to me because I dread doing it.  It's more work than the other two.
Building my business.
This is my passion right now.  Not a chore.  A dream.  I should move it to the top.
I look forward to opportunities to share myself, give to others, and lend a hand up whenever I can.  I have a lot of new ideas for this year.  More to follow on this...stay tuned.  I'm excited about ideas I have and will look to involve other photographers on the plan.  
Keep the blog up to date.  I will post atleast 100 times this year.  Only 99 to go.
Improve my golf game.
This might be tough.  I love golf.  But playing once a year is not helping my game at all.
Jen, if you are reading this, I'm in.  Let's go.  I know you are much better than me, but I'll humble myself and play.  If I play twice this year, I will have improved from last year.  But I plan on more than that.
Get in the water with the sharks.
This means more than the obvious.  I want to surf.  I have everything I need, except a little more upper body strength.  But, those damn sharks.  Every time I find the courage, there is a shark sighting.  Well, this is the year I jump in.  Sharks.  Move over.  I'm coming in.
I look forward to tracking my progress throughout the year.  Feel free to keep me on track if you like.  I wish everyone joy, peace, and health in the year to come.  I know there is a lot more I wanted to say. I'll keep it to that.   Happy New Two Thousand and Eight!
All the best,

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  1. You forgot one...
    PASSPORTS. : )
    Those are some great resolutions. I will try and help you attain them.
    Love you always