Sunday, May 11, 2008

Seventy five...and counting

I had plans for some portraits yesterday, but we had to change the time. No problem. It gave me the opportunity  to get some pictures for John at his seventy fifth birthday celebration. If I make it to seventy five, I hope I have a party just like this, surrounded by my closest friends and family.
Happy birthday John!

Thankfully, they didn't choose to light seventy fives candles...

This little guy just loves "cheese",and cameras, and himself on cameras...

Now technically, I might have cropped this differently, but the hat had to be in the frame.
Only a handsome guy can pull off this hat...

Some quick family tire of this really quickly.

And my favorite and very last shot of the day. Somehow, the tenderness of this picture just melts me.
I took one picture just before this. Then, I had asked them just to stand a little closer together and suddenly there was this warm, comfortable smile and the nearness was so much better. Hard to describe it. Hopefully, the picture can.
Thank you all for a wonderful time.

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