Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy friday!

One more favorite from the wedding...

And for a happy Friday, some quick little things I discovered yesterday while shopping. Old Navy is a great place to go for some quick casual summer clothes. Now this is probably not news to you, but they are having a great sale right now. Shorts for under $13.00, and they're really cute. They also have great oil diffusers. I bought the Island Lime-again, just $12.00 and my entire downstairs smells like a tropical retreat! It's putting me in a vacation mood. And if you like soft, comfortable, cropped summer pants, go to Costco my friends. They have really cute Hurley cropped pants for about $16.00. I'm going back today to get some different colors.
That's about it for now. Time to head outside and enjoy this perfectly sunny day. Have a fabulous weekend!

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