Monday, June 9, 2008

Hello again....


I can't believe I haven't blogged anything for quite some time. And I have had stuff to blog about...just no access and little time.
We are back from Jamaica and I am happy to report we had an absolutely fabulous time. We stayed at Sandals in Whitehouse, Jamaica. All inclusive. Drinks, food, entertainment...not the spa :( We shared our vacation with the Mortons and Koudelkas.
Great friends, great times. Sounds a bit cliche'. But it just was exactly that. I'm off to run errands and just run period. More on Jamaica tomorrow. I am computered out. But I wanted to share my newest screensaver with y'all. We were surrounded by the hurricane clouds that were hanging in the Carribean last week. (except for the last day of course, that day--not a cloud in the sky) There were brief scattered showers everyday. Then, the sky would clear and everyone would head back to the beach, or the pool, or the bar in the pool. I think this saved us from becoming sunburnt beyond repair. And I love clouds anyway. Makes for an unbelievable sky and beautiful dramatic sunsets. The kind of sunset where you notice everyone stopping to watch, or running to get their cameras and gazing in amazement while they have renewed sense that God is all his glory is right before them. Clouds make for that kind of sky. I was lucky enough to usually have my camera with me just about all the time. (geez, can you tell I haven't typed here in a while...I did just say I had to go, didn't I?) Anyway, here is the sky I was speaking of....more tomorrow. And just in case you forgot...I would love to know you stopped by. Have a "cloud in the sky" day.


  1. Beautiful pic sisselfish!
    it makes me want an umbrella drink real bad.
    welcome home!

  2. Okay, now I'll think differently about the clouds in the sky. Thanks! Kim

  3. Wow! Beautiful picture, sounds like a fun trip!