Tuesday, December 8, 2009


   I have writer's block today.  I have written and rewritten the first two sentences now about ten times.  Usually about this time, I walk away and don't write anything for a week or so.  I will not let frustration get the best of me, but instead, will try not to torture you with a boring post.  I really am working hard to kick the creative dust to the air.  We'll just have to see.

I will mention the things I am grateful for, sometimes that sparks the fire.

1. Peace officers.  (not just police officers, but all "peace" officers)  
    Today there was a funeral for the four police officers that were shot down in Washington.
    My husband and two fellow officers drove from Newport Beach to Washington in one day in  
    a patrol car from the city to attend and support the families of those killed.  He sent me 
    images which showed "thousands" of police units from all over the nation.  I'm grateful the 
    families have support from the nation at this time.  This brutal, senseless  killing is just
    beyond tragic.

2. Jackets.  And socks.  It is freaking cold outside.  Ok. Ok.  I know it's California and I have 
     been bragging about how perfect the weather is and I'm being a big baby by saying it's cold,
     but it is.  Very.  Cold.

3. That my tires on my car have not gone flat.  I have never had a flat tire. Ever.  (boy I hope 
     I didn't just tempt fate with this-uh oh)

4. The people I work with.  Because they are fun and just go with it when I ask them to dance 
    and be videotaped.  Got to love it!  (there seems to be a story here-maybe later)

5. White House Custom Colour.  For doing beautiful prints/cards and getting them out to me      
     so fast!  They rock!

Wish I had more to add for today.   How about a nice summery image to warm you up?

Have a great night!

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