Friday, December 4, 2009

Continuing the grateful series....

Today  I am grateful, thankful, appreciative, indebted for

1. Having a good job.  Everyone should be thankful for this these days. (whew)  I guess I have two.
    Double thankful.
2. My fish stapler.  It's cute and makes me smile each time I look at it.  (it's the little things)

3. Coffee or caffeine.  Yep, has become a staple in my diet.  I like it.
    I'm gonna go get some more.
4. My health. mental and physical.  Life is hard(er) without good health.
5. This blog and anyone that reads it.  (hello-hello- anyone-  are you there?)

P.S.   Now that I look at that stapler up close-it's kinda weird; looks like a trout in a Nemo suit.
Well, whatever.  It still makes me smile.  Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day.


  1. we knew you would love it! so glad you got it!

  2. i read it and i did think it was a nemo stapler