Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So grateful for you....

I have been making it a habit to add a focus to the things I am grateful for before closing with each post.This post, I'll start with that.  Basically, I am so grateful for those of you who have asked me to document the lives of you and your loved ones.  You have blessed me a million times over this year.  I have grown and learned much because of you.  I have laughed and cried with you.  I have smiled over and over at the images of you smiling back at me.  That is so good for the soul.  So, in two words that don't seem enough at all,  thank you.   I am really looking forward to 2010 and all the dreams waiting to come true.  Thank you for making my dreams come true this year.


  1. EXCELLENT Video.
    Happy New Year Mrs B

  2. You are such a gifted person in more ways then one. My family and I are so incredibly blessed to live next door to you and Mr. B. You brighten my day each time I look at the pictures you have done for us. You actually make our two kids pretend that they like each other, and for that in itself I am thankful. Now that the holidays are over maybe we can get some of the girls together and have a cocktail or two, okay maybe more :). Love you lots, MG

  3. aaghh! i finally just saw this! it is beautiful and so lovely!
    your talent abounds...you save lifes and capture moments in life with grace and beauty!

  4. i realized i haven't been at your site for a while.....i LOVED all the pics...what a beautiful year you had..beautiful pics...
    new year new challange???? maybe?

  5. you people are too too kind. i am thinking about a challenge. i believe it will involve pushing the lighting efforts. more to come.....

    thanks again!!

  6. Sissel! I just saw this, it's beautiful! You have a true gift, calling it a talent doesn't serve you justice! I'm a fan, thats for sure! After today I believe you that a challenge could be lighting efforts...LOL ;-) I'm certain that regardless of your lighting malfunction, my baby's pics will be priceless! Love you! Mel