Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i've got little elves messing with me.

Been so busy and getting a little behind, and now catching up.  We picked up a Christmas tree last weekend but it has just been sitting there waiting for the party.   No lights. No ornaments.  Just a big 'ol tree.  I started putting lights on it last night.  I figured I could save some time and just put them on before  I went to bed.  It really didn't take too long.  That is until I got the last string of lights up and they all shorted out.  Ugh!  I took off the first strand from the bottom and that seemed to fix it.  I put on a string of lights to replace the one I took off, and it happened again.  Only this time, it shorted out somewhere in the middle.  I took off all the lights.  I tested each string while Kona tested my patience by pulling stockings and santa hats out of the box and began chewing them up.  This began to not be very much fun.  So, I sat down and watched Dexter, the very best show on the tele.

This morning I picked up where I left off and started putting the lights back on the tree.  And Kona picked up where he left off and starting chewing up stockings again.  Ugh!  I got them all up.  Yay!  I stepped back to admire the tree.  Beautiful.  I like a lot of lights.  I went into the kitchen, poured myself a cup of coffee, turned to see the tree.  No lights.  S%@t!!!  Seriously.  I am determined to stay cheerful.  (actually I kind of wanted to rip the lights off and throw them away)  Do lights go bad?  So, my tree is now lit  half way.  I might just leave it.

I am grateful for

1. All the challenges in my life because I know that they will make me a better person.
2. Chris Orwig.  Awesome photographer and person.  I learned about him on
3. That I am fortunate enough to be in a position to help others.

4. Elves.  Although, they are messing with me today.

5. Forgiveness.  When practiced, it is a beautiful thing.   ( i forgive the bad dog above daily- sometimes

Congratulations to Miss Kendyl!  You won the I-tunes card.  Watch your mail.  And keep the comments coming!!

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  1. Yahoooooooo!!! I'm SO excited...thank you! Amazing that all I had to do was be 'grateful' and I won something! Thanks a bunch, good luck with your Christmas lights! Merry Christmas to you and all the family!