Saturday, December 5, 2009


You're back.  Really?  Keeping me on track here right.  I know this is eventually going to get harder, but
there really is no shortage of things to be grateful for, and it makes me focus on positive things.  So....

1.  U-turns.  I am grateful for u-turns.  I am frequently pointing my car in the wrong direction and it is a bit annoying to have to go blocks out of the way before you can make one.  When I finally can make one,
I realize how relieved and "grateful" I am to have come to it.

2.  Mexican food.  Yummmmmy.  It really is just simply a combination of four or five ingredients cooked in different ways.  But you got to hand it to them, they nailed it!

3.  Potty training.  Think about this for a minute; if people had never started potty training.  Ever.  Wow!  What a mess.  Especially after mexican food.

4. This cool web address: Alltop!  It features all the top sites and stories about EVERYTHING you could want to know and has a space for you to save your own.  It is at the top of my browser.  I love it!
Give it a try.

5.  America.  Even with the mess we are in, I think it is still the best country in the world. ( I do have to get out there and visit a few more...I did love Ireland, hmmmm.  This might change. )
And Congress needs an overhaul and some fresh new representatives.  Come on 2010!!

And an image to go along with all these fabulous gratuitous ideas.......

This image has nothing to do with u-turns, mexican food, or the rest, although it does have an
"Americana-Ralph Laurenish" type vibe so it kinda fits.  It does for me anyway.  I love this image!
Miss Dani and her father look beautiful, stunning if I might say!

Have a wonderful u-turning weekend!


  1. I am grateful for YOU!

  2. AHHH...DANI GRANT! I miss that girl and this photo is sooo beautiful it makes me miss her more! Love it and love you TONS!!!!!!!

  3. Ahhhh, that Jim is just one of those All-American kinda guys! And this is one of my favorites shots.