Thursday, December 3, 2009

I claim Thursday as my day...

Why? Why not?  I have been thinking about Thursday.  It's just a day that has nothing connected to it.
Monday.  We have Monday morning blues, the "start off the week" day is famously Monday.  Tuesday.
Ahhhh  Tuesday.  Everyone loves Tuesday because it's not Monday.  It's Tuesday!  Yeah!! Then there is good ol' hump day, Wednesday.  Always famous for the middle of the week and that much closer to Friday.  If you make it to Wednesday, you are half way there.  Woohoo!  Plus, it's spelled weird. Really- a silent "d".  What will they think of next?  Then, Thursday comes along.  It's not Friday, but you wish it was.  Poop-it's just Thursday.  On Thursday, everyone is just wishing it was Friday.  So much so, that is has nothing really notable about it except the twenty four hour period keeping you from Friday.  So- I claim Thursday as my special day.

Y'all can have all those other days, I'll even throw in the weekend.  I'm taking Thursday as my own.
Plus it's payday!  (woot woot)

With that said, I have been thinking lately about what can get me posting more often, spark creativity,
get connecting with others, etc. etc.  ( you thought I was just wasting time not blogging, huh?)
So, I am going to post (as often as I can-should be daily, but let's be realistic here) about five things I am grateful for.  This is a grand exercise.  Daily practice on the things you are grateful for helps to keep life in
perspective, and helps one honor life in general.  I think it should be a daily thing, not only reserved for Thanksgiving or holidays.   It should be something you say out loud-you know, to the world, or the internet (same thing).  So I'll start today.  Five things I am grateful for.....

1.  I am grateful that I apparently wasn't having a heart attack when I jogged/ran home from dropping my car off at the shop to be fixed (long story here too)  My faithful carpet cleaner guy, Bennie, was due at my house at 9 AM and he is never late.  I dropped my car off at 8:15 AM and planned to get my daily exercise in by jogging three miles home.  For some reason, I thought I could run 7 minute miles and it would just take me twenty minutes or so to get home.  Ahem.  Even when I was in great shape, I ran 10 minute miles, so I don't really know why I got this time allotment all wrong.  Suddenly, I was not jogging.  I was running.  And having left sided chest pain.  And picturing ambulances hauling me away and Bennie standing on the curb staring at his watch.  And listening to the wrong music during all of it as well.  If you are going to run, pick something uplifting.  I didn't.  It didn't help.  I made it home,  feeling broken and breathing heavily in about 30 minutes.  Bennie was late.  (I am thankful for that too)  And my carpets are clean.  And I didn't have a heart attack.  I think.  I am grateful.

2. I am grateful for my family.  Warts and all.  (yeah, I know you are reading this- please don't be offended. We all have them. Just sayin )

3. I am grateful that my dog threw up on the carpet this morning BEFORE I had the carpets cleaned.
He is getting sneaky again and ate my migraine medication (because it was in a ziplock bag-and before you call the SPCA on me- it came like that from the pharmacy.  I'll yell at them.  And he really had to dig around in my overnight bag to get them and it was on the table. (But actually, he just chewed the packages but didn't get all the way through.)   However, it seems he smelled the chocolate coins
that were in there from Disneyland.  He ate those.  And got sick.  The foil doesn't agree with him. But he
doesn't have a headache either.  I am grateful.

4.  I am grateful that my dog is smart enough not to eat the bag of screws he took off the table this morning too.  Yep, they were on the table in a ziplock bag.  Zip lock bags are used for everything in my house.
Wish my dog could figure this out.

5.  I am grateful someone invented the vacuum cleaner.  The amount of dog hair removed from my floors is just sick.  I don't know how my dog has any hair left on his body.

And because a post is so much better with an image to go along, here is one of my favorites from a recent shoot.  Gets me in the mood for the holidays fo' sho'!!  I should have added I am grateful for this image.  I really love it.

If you have hung in with me this long, congratulations!  If you want to join in with my gratitude series and let me know five things you are grateful for in the comments, dive right in.  I am going to give one random commenter a new shiny I-tunes card!  And then, you'll have one more thing to be thankful for!  Happy commenting and don't forget to leave me your email address!

Have a fabulous Thursday!


  1. Thursday is yours fish!! You deserve it! I am grateful for you, and laughter, and the one turkey named "courage" left after thanksgiving a Disneyland oxox

  2. This picture is a crack up!!! Love your work, you do such an amazing job at capturing 'the moment'.

    I'm grateful for:
    1. My family

    2. Our health

    3. My husband's job

    4. For being blessed enough to stay home each day with my children. Hard in several ways, but soooo worth it!

    5. Costco, Target, & Trader Joes! Sounds funny these 3 stores make my life A LOT easier!

    I should start this on my blog! Good idea!

  3. i am grateful for...
    1. my specatcular commute over the Tacoma Narrows bridge. glorious views of Mt Rainier, it's worth the $2.75 toll fee.
    2. every ounce of sunshine i can absorb in December in the Pacific Northwest. Even if it's only 28 degrees outside.
    3. cashmere
    4. gortex
    5. my wonderful family and loving fiance, whom i can't wait to marry.