Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's game day!

I look forward to Sunday.  Family day.  A day to relax.  Game day!  I love watching football with the man.
I didn't always like football.  But the more I learned about the game, the more enjoyable it became.  Plus, the man is just crazy about the Steelers, most Steeler fans are, which is actually pretty fun to be a part of.
So, we will be rooting for Ben today.  He suffered a concussion two weeks ago.  As an emergency nurse, I know that another head injury at this point could be a dangerous risk.  I am praying he is kept safe.  The offensive line better step up.  ( I may be losing the ladies here )  Anyway, hope you enjoy a relaxing Sunday who ever you are rooting for.

And the five things I am grateful for today...

1.  Prayers.  Answered and unanswered.  Do I really need to explain?
2.  Remote controls.
3.  24 hour fitness.  If there were no remote controls, we all might get a bit more exercise.
4.  My Kindle.  For my last birthday, the man bought me a Kindle.  I wasn't sure about it at first.
     I like books. I like the pages, seeing the type on pages, etc.  But since I have been using it,
     I actually love it.  I get the Washington Post.  I save trees. I can carry all my books with me all the time.
     I can get almost any book in an instant.   (which is a little scary-could get expensive) I LOVE it.
     Thanks baby.
5.  Rain. I think it is going to rain today.  Expect the "Storm Watch"- duh duh duuuuuh.  We need it.
     Plus it gives me an excuse to bundle up and get cozy on the couch while it rains outside and read or
     watch football.  Woohoo!

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