Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Blog Challenge

I don't think that we have travel plans for July. That could change. If it does, this could go right out the window, meaning you win- I lose. I am challenging myself and you to a "blog off". Maybe "blog on". Anyway, I will post a picture every day of July.
If I don't and you catch it, you win a shiny new $25.00 I Tunes Card. Yep, I have decided I just don't spend enough time in front of my computer( did you hear that?- my husband just fell out of his chair! ) and I am not taking enough pictures. :) Pretty simple, huh? And I am sorry that Google makes you open an account to leave a comment. I am working to remedy that by changing the site of my blog. So just sign in anonymous and leave your name at the end. That is, if you think you are up to the game. Ready?



  1. That sound you just heard was me falling out of my chair.........

  2. all right i need me some new music! you're on! veronica