Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Life is lived in the small moments.

I have found that I have been much happier since I began focusing on my life in small moments rather than days and weeks on end. Children are capable of this. They seem for the most part content right where they are. I remember the small moments of my morning; the nice guy at Starbucks who gave me a break when I struggled to order the right cup of mocha, the guy behind him who offered to grind coffee for me and had me completely lost when he described about ten different ways to grind it.
Finally, with a blank look, I said"drip?" Thankfully, he knew what to do. The woman in line behind me commented that she liked my shoes, I said "thank you" and then realized later her shoes were much nicer than mine; should have offered a trade. The stranger who offered a smile. My point here is that I live moment by moment. I suppose that really means being in the present. It really does make a difference. I am beginning to notice life differently now. I notice all the small things, all the details, all the moments.

Have many wonderful moments tonight.

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