Monday, July 7, 2008

Feeling knotty

Working three twelve hours shifts in a row over a holiday weekend will wear out anybody. Time to head to San Juan Capistrano to my little oasis, The Massage Associates, for a very affordable deep tissue "hurts so good" massage. If you are ever in need of a great massage, it's the place to go. I learned of this little place years ago from a fellow nurse, Jill. She went monthly as preventative medicine. Caring for the caregiver, if you will. I'm all for that. I have never once been disappointed here. The only disappointment is that I forget I need to go more often. They had one spot left today, so I snapped it up it.
My therapist found all the painful cramped up muscles in my arms, neck ,back, and shoulders. Awesome. And ouch. It was so painful at one point, I just started laughing. Why do I get muscle knots in my forearms? So now, lots of water. And as the contest goes, a couple of pics.

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