Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Where do I go?

Okay, so we are just about at half time here. Not that I will never blog again after this, but sometimes it is a challenge to blog daily. It is more challenging on the days that I work. This other thing that I do called work is a 13-14 hour day usually and leaves little time to post. Today I am going to share with you a place that I go for inspiration, and as a bonus, I usually receive a wonderful life affirming message. A message that is capable of changing me, and you.

He's a canadian photographer named Jesh de Rox, I went to his presentation at WPPI and was really REALLY glad that I did. So, every once in a while I check his blog for inspiration. Creative inspiration and/or a life changing message inspiration; he usually provides both.
So, click on the link (his name), because today I am challenging YOU to open your heart and let this message sink way, way in there, "deep in the heart of Texas" in there. It's a simple message. It's also one we often forget. Jesh reminds us that we can choose to be there all the time. It is a choice.  I think that we can just get so bogged down and busy that we can forget this.

So, blog on with your bad self and have a really great day!

(picture to follow later)

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