Friday, July 18, 2008

A shiny new rock grinder

I began this blog as a way for readers and potential clients to be able to learn a little bit about me, view my work and see what I've been up to.  Here is another glimpse.  It started off innocently enough. My orchid died. Well, all the flowers fell off, which really doesn't mean the plant is dead, but a green stick without the beautiful white flowers is not much to look at or have on display. Martha would shudder. So I removed the orchid from a white vase that the plant, still in its own plastic pot, rested inside of. I noticed water at the bottom of the vase and innocently dumped it in the sink. ( I seem to be using the term innocent a lot here) The water made a clink clink noise as I poured it, and I was able to catch a rock before it went into the disposal, but not before two, or as was the case, three rocks circled and dropped fast. Ugh. I slipped my hand into the dark wet metal cavern. Slime met my fingers. Ugh. I squished the ooze and found two rocks and quickly pulled my hand away. Ugh. I turned on the disposal because clearly there was way too much muck in there and I needed to clear it out of there fast. I instantly heard a horrible crunching, grinding, twisting metal noise, and then nothing. I turned it on again. Nothing. There was now just a very quiet high pitched hum, no grind. Uh oh. This was to be followed by a sheepish confession. "Uh, I think I broke the garbage disposal." ( of course, I knew I broke the garbage disposal but I was still hoping for the innocent until proven rock grinding guilty )  Long story short, it was another blonde moment for me.  The last really blonde moment I had resulted in retexturing and repainting a ceiling, so this wasn't so bad. And we are now the proud owners of a brand new Insinkerator, installed by Don, the knight in the shining tool belt. It is so quiet that you can't even tell its running.  I told my husband I am going to throw another rock in to test its ability.   
Thank you Don for coming to the rescue yet again.  It's not the first rescue.  I wish I could say it will be the last.  But I pay good money for this hair color, its not changing just yet.

(this is a desperate post, but a good exercise in trying to take a creative picture of my sink. i'm giving this round to you)

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