Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dogs that "heal"

Every few weeks we get a visit from the therapy dogs.  They are highly trained professionals who come to visit patients in the hospital, even in the emergency room, to spread a little love to those in need.  They will sit at the bedside and on command, place their head on the patient's guerney and just wait for a little lovin' stroke on the head.  They usually show up in full drag.  Well, maybe only one or two is dressed to show. 
This is Brandy, a remarkable Doberman and the sweetest dog ever.  She is known as Dr. Brandy in the halls of most southern California hospitals.  She has an official name tag from each hospital she graces.  I think she has more outfits than I do.  I would never attempt this with Kona.  I would lose digits trying to get him to wear half of this.


  1. How cute, but at the same time...poor dog!

  2. Yeah , sometimes i feel that way too. She doesn't seem to mind any of it. My dog would spin out.
    I would need therapy if i tried to put that on my dog.