Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blog tired.

Day fifteen on this small journey into blogdom.  You people really know how to put the pressure on.  Phew.  

"The card girl is swanking around the cage.  It reads round five.  The tension is palpable.
The crew leans over the ropes to shout last minute motivation into the fighter's ear. (me)  She swings her head side to side as the cool water poured over her cascades from the top of her head. The mouth guard goes in.   She pumps her fists in an effort to force courage,  rises up, and bounces confidently towards her opponent. (you)  The bell rings twice loudly and the crowd roars.  The referee backs from the center, the gloves go up......"

You know, I really can't wait to go to the fair.


  1. If that was for me, we didn't leave you, we didn't go. My boy, so unlike his sister, didn't badger me until I gave in, actually he never mentioned it again. I guess he needs to learn how to be more of a pain in the ... I really would have taken him if I thought that he really wanted to go. But please don't tell him, I love how easy it is to be with him.


  2. Now YOUR secret is safe with me. And no, that was not for you. I am just looking forward to taking my camera in there.