Monday, July 21, 2008

july twenty one

This day will go down as the day I had nothing to blog about. Nothing. I am even too tired to make something up.
I have a wedding coming up this weekend that will be extremely romantic and fun, but it is a surprise...shhhh, don't say
anything. I'll explain later how you marry someone and surprise them with it at the same time. And I have a maternity shoot coming up that I am TOTALLY excited about....but not until August, so we'll have to wait for that too. Hmmm. Do I have anything deep and meaningful for you? Hmmm. Oh, I know. The other day I was walking through Vons wondering how many little cartons of Ben and Jerry's I could buy without looking like I was on a binge, and I saw this gal with a phenom....phenoma.... an outstanding body. She had amazingly cut arms. I thought to myself, "I wonder what kind of food she eats (along with a killer workout) to get that super fit shape". Ready. Here is your tip for the day. Eggs, lots of eggs, and A&W Root Beer. Diet, of course.

I'm half way there.

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