Friday, July 4, 2008

Old Glory Day

Well, I don't usually work on the Fourth of July, but I did today. It wasn't too bad, although I left before the craziest stuff begins.
And then I almost didn't make it home in time to post a blog today. There was a ton of traffic driving home from work. Luckily, the porch light was still on, so I was able to get one Fourth of July picture for the day. Just in time to post. After getting some shots, I walked inside to greet my dog to find him with a banana in his mouth. What? "Wait, where did you get the ba...hey, where are all the other bananas?" I turned to find the stem of 5 bananas still intact all together with no banana or banana peel for that matter anywhere.
Five bananas. Gone. So now I have to search to see if bananas are harmful to dogs. And I will be so severely tired if I have to take him to the vet right now. Oh, and he dragged a mango out of the bowl, too. If I didn't mention it before, I have the only vegan Labrador on the planet. And apparently he is bananas for bananas.
Have a lovely evening. I'm off to search the web.

Edit to add: Okay, I can't find anything about bananas being harmful to dogs. However, I did find out that "string" and "marijuana" is on the "No" list for your dog. Just in case your dog was smoking marijuana and craving string. Those two things are harmful to dogs. Hope that was helpful. I am completely enlightened.

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